Mr. Burch’s attainment of a luxurious resort

Nihiwatu resort is one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. It is one of the resorts on high demand stays on the planet. The resort is located on Indonesia’s remote Sumba Island, about an hour flight from Denpasar ( The prices for the rooms range from $1,800 to 13,000 for a night during peak seasons. It has one of the best swimming spots in the world. The pool is located between the Occy and the beautiful Indian Ocean. It is difficult to predict the end of the pool and where the ocean starts. During the evening, a wonderful view of sunsets can be seen from the villa as the sun dips into the sea illuminating the sky with prismatic colors. Every day is a new experience.

Nihiwatu resort has a fabulous outside shower offering a classic view of the horizon. The outdoor shower is surrounded by wooden palisades, and allows you to see the horizon without obstruction. It has an open-air safari vehicle with high seats. The vehicle allows visitors to enjoy the exuberant landscape as they drive to the hotel. Nihiwatu resort has a foundation known as Nihiwatu Sumba Foundation. The foundation sponsors about 15 local schools in the region and feeds them with lunch twice every week. Nihiwatu is acknowledged for having a stable relationship with the local community. 90% of Nihiwatu resort employees are from the local community.

Christopher Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Burch Creative Capital. The investment philosophies of the company are based on Burch’s entrepreneurial values and his vision. Through Burch’s creativity, support, imaginations, and incubation, he has come up with the best business brands which have affected the lives of the customers directly ( The impact of his business ideas can be felt by both the locals and customers. He has managed to create a long-lasting impression on his customers.

Christopher Burch has involved himself in the rise of over 50 companies during his 40-year carrier as an entrepreneur and investor.Due to his instinctive understanding of consumer behavior, when combined with his direct sourcing experience has given him the ability to course impact through innovation. Burch Creative Capital’s brand portfolio comprises of the recently introduced ED by Ellen DeGeneres, TRADEMARK, Poppin, Cocoon9, and Nihiwatu. Other established brands are Voss water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and jawbone (

The company is currently sponsoring the development of various lifestyle and consumer products brands such as home furnishings, retail, hospitality, organic foods, and apparel. It also supports technology industries such as Blink Health, Little Duck Organics, BaublerBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Chubbies, and Soludos. Related article on

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