New Award Is Bestowed On Manse On Marsh

There are many nursing homes and assisted living communities that do not put much effort into making it a nice place. The same cannot be said of the Manse on Marsh, an assisted living community that is located within San Lois Obispo, California. Recently, the community was given the Caring Star award, due to the high level of care that is given to the residents and clients. Based on their criteria, this is a difficult award to achieve by today’s standards.

This assisted living community is an independent facility and takes clients from all over the San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande areas. The award Manse on Marsh received came from an abundance of high ratings and reviews from customers, much of which came from Caring’s site. Even more impressive to note is that the company has earned the award 2 years in a row now, with excellent overall customer satisfaction ratings.

To qualify for the Caring Star award, the facility requires five star reviews for both 2014 and 2015, with an overall rating that exceeds more than four stars. The company must also have no negative standing reviews that have not been handled properly. With a handful of fire star reviews, and an overall average of five stars as well, Manse on Marsh was well within the limits to receive the award.

The Manse on Marsh establishment offers medication management for clients as well as bathing, grooming, meal reminders, and a whole lot more. Each client is on a point system at the facility to ensure they only receive and pay for things that they actually request. Being among the top facilities in the industry within the country, Manse on Marsh has an excellent and complete care plan. They ensure that every patient feels safe and welcome in their community so they can feel like they are at home.

As one of the highest regarded awards in the industry for nursing and assisted living, Manse on Marsh is in a good place with winning the award in succession. This helps increase their awareness and bring in more clients to their community. Regardless of the client or where they are from, Manse on Marsh helps all potential patients. The company will continue to sit at the top of their field with their excellent staff and management as well as their premium location. Be sure to join their Facebook page for continued updates.

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