Newswatch Works To Promote New Pocket PC

Newswatch TV is one of the nation’s premier TV news magazines. They began operating in 1990, focusing mainly on financial news. Over the course of the following decade, they have expanded their content dramatically. At this point, Newswatch TV is focused mainly on consumer news, tech news, and entertainment news. The program normally airs Monday mornings on AMC.

Hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison, Newswatch TV typically consists of a series of short news segments supplemented by interviews and other journalistic endeavors. Segments tend to be short and pithy, aiming to sum up a lot of information in as short and simple a way as possible.

But the activities of the Newswatch crew do not end there. Apart from being a news show, they are also actively involved in the promotion of independent business endeavors. One example of this is the work they did in a recent crowdfunding campaign.

A startup company called Avanca has developed a pocket PC, known as the Ockel Sirius B, which is intended to put the processing power of a home computer into a mobile device. While this may seem unrealistic, it also seems like the next logical step in the advancement of computer technology. Right now, most people access the internet and use other computerized programs by using either their home computer or a mobile device. The Sirius B is intended to bridge the gap.

The crowdfunding campaign was set up on, which is why Newswatch was brought on board to help promote it. You see, Indiegogo has a rule that says all crowdfunding campaigns must meet their goals within 30 days. If they fail to do this, they receive no money. Newswatch TV was recruited to ensure that Avanca didn’t waste their time or money. Judging by the fact that this product is now out on the market, they must have done something right!

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