Omar Yunes is Proof that the Franchise Business Model can Work

The current global business environment is more competitive today than it has ever been. As such, for individuals to make it as successful entrepreneurs, they need to be innovative, knowledgeable and aggressive. Unfortunately, very few business people today possess these three qualities. One of the few that does, however, is Mexican businessman, Omar Yunes. While still very young, Yunes is one of the fastest rising entrepreneurs in the country. He has largely gotten to the respectable position he is in today by operating a franchise business in Mexico.

Omar Yunes is the main franchise partner for Japanese food company Sushi Itto. He began the franchise partnership with the Japanese brand while only 21. Understandably, many, included Sushi Itto, doubted him as his potential at that point was still largely unknown. Yunes, however, has since proved his doubters wrong and grown to 13 units in the country, representing approximately 10% of the total units owned by the Japanese company. The outlets are located in Puebla, Veracruz and the capital, Mexico City. Commendably, Yunes has achieved this tremendous growth in Mexico while still maintaining strict adherence to global standards.

Yunes has achieved considerable fame in recent times on account of being honored with the Best Franchisee in the World Award. At the competition held in December 2016, Yunes had to beat out other franchisees from 34 countries, including France and Italy. While the win has significantly raised Yunes’s profile, it has also increased the appeal of Sushi Itto. In line with his humble nature, Yunes decided to dedicate the award to his 400 employees when accepting the award. This is no surprise as he has developed a reputation for keeping his employees highly motivated and engaged. To know more about him click here.

Omar Yunes is today considered by many to be the guiding light for the Mexican franchise industry. Many in the industry or considering joining it, look up to him for lessons and direction. Since his franchise business has thrived considerably through the use of flexible business network and strong communication channels, it is highly likely that other Mexican franchisees will likely start doing the same.

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