Organo Gold And Its Addition To Detoxification – FENIX DX

Organo Gold was established in 2008, and offers a variety of products, such as coffees, teas, as well as personal care items. The Canada based company operates in 45 countries, and infuses its products with Ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom with unique properties that sets the Organo Gold brand apart.

Despite being best known for their coffee products, the company also added a detoxification product to its brand, entitled FENIX DX. The Organo Gold product is designed for daily use in order to support the natural detoxification process. While the human body can perform remarkable functions and knows what it needs in order to operate properly, in order to perform optimally it could sometimes use some help. FENIX DX is a lemonade flavored drink which helps support the immune system and the digestive tract in order for the body to detox and heal.

Detox programs have become more popular over the past few years, and are associated with the idea of getting serious about health and taking care of the body. Detoxification is a complex process, and while the skin, liver, kidneys, and liver play a role in our health and helping the body fight toxins, the digestive system might be the most important part, due to the fact that our gut has 80% of our immune system.

FENIX DX contains 5 grams of sugar and 20 calories, its key ingredients being designed to offer antioxidant support, digestive health support, and calming benefits. The product is unlike other detox programs, in that it does not act as a laxative or colon cleanser, but it offers support for the digestive system and the regularity needed for the overall well being. In addition, the product offered by Organo Gold is lactose and gluten free, and can be used by individuals who want to maintain beneficial digestion.

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