OSI Food Solutions in Spain is Expanding

OSI Food Solutions understands how to impress its customers in the world. The organization has always been popular because of offering its customers high quality beef products. However, with the expansion of the institution, consumers have been demanding better and high quality products, forcing the institution to cater for the needs of the growing population. The first branch of the large company was started in the US. Several years later, OSI Food Solutions has its offices and food plants in many parts of the world. The company branch in Spain is currently one of the most successful in the international platform.

Just recently, the OSI Food Solutions branch that is based in Spain publicly declared to the investors in the international community that it had managed to add a high capacity production line in the factory that is based in Toledo. According to the news by the leader of the successful company, OSI Group will now be spending €17 million to make sure that the investment meets the standards that have been set by the customers. Previously, the company was producing twelve thousand tons of chicken products every year. After the new product addition, OSI Food Solutions will be forced to produce twenty four tons of chicken produce. This means that the total production in the institution will be 45,000 tons annually. OSI Group in Spain focuses on chicken, pork and beef products.

Jose Maria, the managing director of the branch in Spain, says that his company has been forced to increase its production because of the growing demand for chicken, especially in Portugal and Spain. According to the company, more people in these countries prefer to take chicken than any other meat that is available in the market. The company has been forced to increase its space too to cater for the large production. The chicken products will need more storage so that the quality of the food is not compromised. OSI Group has also announced several working positions. According to Jose Maria, twenty more professionals will be required by the end of the year to ensure that the whole process become successful. The employment opportunities will be given to the people who are living in Spain, especially Toledo area. Apart from offering the consumers great products, the OSI Food Solutions wants to empower the communities living in the area so that they can earn money and live good lives without poverty.

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