The affiliates of mental health care have reached millions through the social media, offering screenings and local events by observing the month of May as a Mental Health Month. Roseann Bennett, with an experience of over ten years in family and marriage therapy, has been responsible for case management, crisis management, and treatment planning for hundreds of patients. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy.


In one of Roseann Bennett’s estimation, almost 15 million American citizens who have attained legal age, nearly 7% of the American population is undergoing major depression each year. However, not all mental health complications start. Equally, some are situational or transient for example when a partner loses a family member. This person will feel better in a few weeks’ time, but it might reoccur severally for a more extended period. Depending on the severity of the condition, the spouse in question often gives up on life and either sleep too little or too much, overeat or stop eating with difficulty in conversing and concentrating. See This Article for more information.


At first, as Roseann Bennett explains, the other partner may be sympathetic but begins to change slowly especially he/she doesn’t know anyone personally who has been depressed. If the depression prolongs for months or even years, both parties can feel the gap between them increase. When the couple decides to get professional help, the depressed person usually goes first and making the meeting is the first and brave step. A couple seeing a therapist together gives them valuable perspective. The depressed one needs to accept and own that he/she is depressed. The open and honest partners assume their position in the situation. Counseling and family therapy usually help the marriage of committed couples even stronger.


Roseann Bennett is a certified family and marriage therapist with more than ten years of working experience with various people from different backgrounds. She is a well-renowned therapist with a diverse foundation in assessment, therapy, and useful as well as the forward-thinking business pioneer. She assisted in the creation of a charity organization in 2009 called Center for Assessment and Treatment, for treating and also advocating for individuals as well as families from various background.


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