Securus Technologies Debunks Misleading Claims made by GTL

Both Securus Technologies and GTL are top leading companies in the inmate communications industry. For some time, both companies have displayed conflict between them through various press releases. As such, Securus Technologies unveiled a press release containing multiple statements aimed at correcting inaccuracies and misleading information on an earlier press release made by GTL on June 7, 2016.


Citing the press release made by GTL as well as the corrections made by Securus, it is evident that the dispute involves patent infringement. One of the claims made by GTL suggested that PTAB had recognized all of its innovations as patentable. On the contrary, Securus Technologies debunked the claim by saying that PTAB did not determine the claimed innovations as patentable. Instead, it declined to review the claims.


Securus Technologies also refuted claims that GTL only had one remaining month to go back to court to prove to the jury how Securus had continuously infringed some of its patents. In fact, Securus emphasized in its correction statement that GTL was unlikely to go back in court in 2016.


Richard Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, questioned GTL’s knowledge about patent litigation. This is because patent litigation not only takes time to be resolved but also a considerable amount of money. Consequently, this would mean that GTL would have to spend a lot of its finances. Nonetheless, Smith indicated that Securus Technologies would continue to defend itself from GTL’s attacks relentlessly.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies maintains its reputation as one of the top leading providers of government information management solutions, parolee tracking and detainee communications. As such, it serves over 3450 public safety corrections and law enforcement agencies. This also includes more than 1200,000 inmates spread out around North America. It is well-recognized for providing communication, biometric analysis, public information, emergency response services and products in a bid to make the world a safer place.


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