Sheldon Lavin, Titan of the Food Industry

As a banking executive, Sheldon Lavin experienced numerous successes, and by 1970, he was also the head of his own financial advisory agency. Later that year, Sheldon Lavin was approached for funding that would contribute to the building of a new plant by Otto and Sons. At this point, Otto and Sons was still a mid-sized meat processing company, but the building of the new facility, which would service McDonald’s Corporation exclusively, would allow the company to go to a new level. In only a year after Mr. Lavin came aboard, Otto and Sons had become a nationwide entity, and by 1975, it had been rebranded, OSI Group, with the former banking executive now in an equal partnership with the sons of the founder, Otto Kolschowsky. The 1980’s would be a decade of exponential expansion for OSI Group, and the company would soon establish locations in places such as the Philippines, South Africa, and Australia. Today, Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, and he remains actively involved in the expansion efforts of the company, while also placing more emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection.

It was Sheldon Lavin’s need to change the world that first brought him in contact with Otto Kolschowsky and his meat processing company, Otto and Sons. From the onset, the former banking executive felt that the Otto and Sons partnership would be a successful venture, and it became lucrative for all parties, almost immediately. While he admits that there were some doubts in regards to this new step in his life, many of those worries revolved around his lack of knowledge regarding the industry, so he made an increased effort to learn the business, while relying on his instincts in the meantime. One of Sheldon Lavin’s most successful strategies came in the form of rapid expansion, as it allowed him to reduce overhead costs, while, simultaneously attracting numerous shareholders. Although much of Mr. Lavin’s daily schedule is concerned with production at OSI Group, he consistently makes time to give charitable donations, and, for his works in and outside of his field, he has received a number of notable awards and more

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