Solving Crimes in Jail with Securus Technologies

We had a very dangerous situation on our hands inside the prison. This year we saw an escalation in drug-related crimes to a number unlike we have ever seen in decades at this facility. My superiors gave the order to my team of corrections officers that we were to find the source of the drug issues this week or there were going to be serious repercussions. When you get that kind of order, you know heads are going to roll if something is not taken care of.


My first order of business was working behind the scenes to get my team to work certain sections of the prison so I could figure out what was going on. Each week, we were arresting more inmates who were under the influence and putting everyone at risk. One team manned the visitor center and worked each day at checking every inmate and visitor for anything illegal.


Next, we would monitor the inmate calls to see if they could shed light on to how or where they were getting their hands on all these drugs. Securus Technologies recently updated all the telephones in the jail with their LBS software, allowing my team to monitor all calls for specific chatter around the clock. It was this incredible software that was going to break this case wide open for me and my fellow officers.


One of the calls that we monitored had one inmate talking to family about coming to see him. The inmate must have told the person on the phone five times to make sure to only come to the section where a certain officer was on duty. We discovered by doing more surveillance that this officer was allowing certain inmates through without being searched. Once we go the proof and took the officer off his post, we saw a huge drop in drug-related crimes.


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  1. As one who has experience the effect of drugs, I know what these drugs can do to inmates in the correctional facilities. Getting to stop the influx of drugs into the prisons were not yielding that good result but with the help of best writing paper we were beginning to see results with the use of Securus LSB Software. Soon we got to know through monitoring inmates call a corrections officers was compromised.

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