Spark Tank is Changes the World

I want to tell you guys about Mark Sparks the Dallas based entrepreneur who has developed an array of successful businesses on a shoestring budget. Mark Sparks, attributing his success to his strong faith in God and his indomitable work ethic is no stranger to “thinking outside the box “as shown by the multitude of successful ventures he has undertaken.

Mark Sparks met Lynne Sipiora over 15 years ago, and together they have taken a small rundown homeless shelter in the McKinney, Texas and had transformed it into a $3 million operation feeding hundreds of people the day. Lynn convinced to Mark that there are many social entrepreneur is willing to think out the box just like him and that they can have success if their initiatives are funded properly and give them the support they need.

In keeping with this, Mark and Lynn created spark tank and initiative to funds social object entrepreneurs.

If you had a great idea that could benefit your community, but did not know how to get that idea off the grounds spark tank could be the engine you need to drive your project. A case in point would be the Samaritan Inn, a project funded by Mark and Lynn. With the $5000 provided by spark tank Samaritan Inn was able to build the kennel behind it’s facilities and provide fuel for its shuttle buses. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Spark Tank

All interested parties must supply before July 15. Applicants must present their ideas within 10 minutes. Applicants must be a 501 C3 organization with a minimum of 2 years of history. Human services animal services charities United Way charities and political action initiatives are not eligible.

Faith-based initiatives are eligible. Tell us your ideas and your passion and we will help you to fund it. We are excited to work with you and are looking for creative passionate people that want to change the world.

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  1. We look forward to working with people that can think outside the box in order to make a better world. Just think what you could do with $5000. I know that will be the best site to offer this type of information.

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