Students To Edit Wikipedia Articles Instead Of Term Papers

For a long time now, many individuals have always asked whether it is the responsibility of scientists and educators to make and edit Wikipedia articles, ensuring that they are as accurate as possible. This is actually a fascination question, considering the fact that the site is one of the most reliable sites where everyone goes to look for any type of information. In every single second, over 8000 people open the site to learn about something. When using Google to look for information, Wikipedia articles always appear in the first results, and this clearly indicates that the information here should be very accurate and well presented. After students and professors had looked at this idea for some time, they decided to create and edit the Wikipedia articles instead of writing their term papers.

The program by the professors and students has emerged to be a genius one. While editing pages and focusing on Wikipedia page creation, the students will easily develop critical thinking and also develop their writing skills.

The program will be focused on women because they have been ignored for a long time. Wikipedia is mostly written by men, and this has led to the male dominance in the site. There is very little information about women because there is a very tiny percentage of women editors in the world today. The university program wants to ensure that women are represented equality in the site. The women who have played a major role in science have no Wikipedia pages, and this means that they are not recognized. Many attribute this to the lack of female Wikipedia writers. The university schools program will ensure that all these women have a page. 

The project has been named Year of Science, and it will be focused on improving the way the site informs people about science, and while doing this, they will try and include important historical women who are believed to be under-represented. 

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  1. Wikipedia will also benefit from these activities as the academic knowledge in the site will be boosted. The program has announced that the students will focus on science this year, specifically about women in science. This essay services review has become the most reputable part of it all and will still continue to be.

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