Success story of the OSI Group food processing company

OSI Group a leading company in the food processing industry in the world has been on a roll lately. It has been opening many branches all over the world as well as opening numerous production plants that will help it manage the demand that is coming from the consumers. People have recently been changing their habits and are more inclined to buy food from food stores. This has created a huge demand for foods from the large food chains stores such as the McDonalds. However, these food chains do not have food production plants. They depend on other companies to supply them with foods. This has been a new trend all over the world.

OSI group is expected to reach to almost every country in the world. The company has been keen to expand its business operations in the world with an aim of making food accessional to every person. The company has been dominant on a number of continents now. It has not stopped there. It is still in a row trying to manage to keep its business alive. The company has currently more than 8 food processing plants that it has recently constructed to help it meet its high demand for their products. At the same time, the management of the company has been keen to see it move to more countries in the world.

Currently, OSI Group is in over 65 countries. It is still in operations to see it move to more countries. It is also found in other countries through partnership. Its recent efforts to expand has been focused on Europe. It has recently acquired a company known as Baho that used to supply food especially snacks to Netherlands and Germany. The company also had subsidiaries in 14 other countries. This is an acquisition that will likely see the company become a leading company in the regions. Europe has a high consumption level that will see OSI group become even big than ever before.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of this company. He has worked for the company for more than 40 years. He has been part of the company at any stage of its development. He has been the head of the company when it has managed to make huge achievements. He is the man behind the recent developments in the company that has seen it move into more regions in the world. He is implementing a strategy that has seen the company outdo every other company in the industry.

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