Talk vision is a company that began its operations in 2007 with the aim of helping companies to have a competitive advantage in the market and assist them in increasing their sales margins and profits at the same time. Bob Reina CEO and founder of talk fusion and has over two decades experience in network marketing under talk vision. They do this by making marketing in business more effective, efficient and memorable the use of videos. Talk vision is currently in existence in 140 countries and has expanded more after the launching of the video application.


The Video app is currently available in Google play store and iTunes, and according to the company, the app is set to add convenience in a company, and it will be a great tool of increasing a company’s competitive advantage. The app can be downloaded to iPads, iPods, and iPhones with the iOS feature and any android devices with admittance to 4.4.3 system. Its video mail app, which talks vision major product, has enabled businesses to link with contacts and this enables clients to visualize promotional campaigns from anywhere in the world using their android or apple gadgets. Video emails capture the client’s attention more than a merely written advertisement do, and this is a major advantage when it comes to competition. The app can upload an old video or even record a live video after which one is allowed to use the many different templates provided. Spectacle names can be changed and other structures to suit the company’s cohesiveness for the message that they intend to send to their clients. These videos are then saved in the talk visions site, and a person can comfortably reuse them if need be. Talk Fusion is not only used for marketing and official purposes but can also be used for personal or even communicating with friends.


Talk visions costs are cheap. A basic service goes for around a hundred and seventy-five dollars one time and around twenty dollars for a month. For this cost, a person gets 1000 emails, equivalent to one account with 5 minutes lasting videos. Reina believes that responsibility comes with great success and with this, in mind, the talk vision has been at the forefront helping charitable organizations. The talk vision team, under Reina, has been on the run in helping people leave on their terms through their fervor and passion in charitable works. Learn more:

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