Ted Bauman: Expert on Low-Risk Investments

Ideamensch.com recently set up an interview with Ted Bauman to discuss his continued role with Banyan Hill publishing and some of the turns in his career that led him to this position. He started his career out like any other student wanting to make an impact in the world of economics. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in history and with one in economics. He worked in South Africa for more than 25 years as a consultant for nonprofit organizations seeking to create low-cost housing projects. After that, he went on to a consulting job where he was expected to conduct research and write on financial matters. This position allowed him to work with several prestigious organizations including the United Nations and the South African government.

Eventually, Ted Bauman came back to the United States to work as a director for International Housing Programs at Habitat for Humanity International. This role gave him a unique perspective of the global economy and some of the impact that business has on the economy. After leaving that role he went on to become a full-time writer and researcher for being in Hill publishing. It has been a very rewarding experience for him and he explains to his interviewer that it is one he has cherished. One of the most important things that he has learned about himself through this process is that he can get a lot accomplished at the beginning of the day. Because of this, he has blocked off his mornings to maintain that productivity.

Ted Bauman explains to interviewer that productivity is one of the ways that you can guarantee that you’re making an impact. If he could go back, he tells Ideamensch that he would advise himself of his own productivity needs. For now, Ted Bauman continues to make a huge impression on his global readership. He is a top producer of content related to asset protection, immigration issues, and low-risk investments. Anyone interested in becoming familiar with his work can be located on Banyan Hill publishing’s website under the Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. He also publishes The Bauman Letter.

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