The Chainsmokers Release Their Latest Song “Side Effects”

The release of the latest song from The Chainsmokers comes at a time when the DJ duo has been largely silent after 18 months of releasing songs on a regular basis. “Side Effects” is the latest release from The Chainsmokers and sees a return to form with a Summer anthem perfectly timed to bring the Summer to a close. The song is accompanied by a music promo directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen and starring “Riverdale” actress Camila Mendes as a disgruntled hotel worker.

The video opens with the character of Riley, played by Camila Mendes receiving a phone call from the boss of the business telling her to cancel her weekend plans and continue working. As the infectious dance track begins, Riley throws aside her unhappiness and dances around the hotel to the sound of The Chainsmokers latest release. The neon-lit hotel is the perfect location for the song and provides an entertaining backdrop to the song featuring The Chainsmokers regular collaborator, Emily Warren. Emily Warren has worked with The Chainsmokers on a number of occasions and provides the vocals to create an uptempo summer song capable of bringing almost everybody to their feet.

In terms of the overall canon of The Chainsmokers, “Side Effects” is definitely reminiscent of their earlier hits such as “Paris” and the collaboration with Coldplay, “Something Just Like This.” The Chainsmokers have been attempting to step out from behind the DJ decks and create a place in the mainstream media with their own image on show at all times. As DJ’s, The Chainsmokers continue to work in Las Vegas with their residency keeping them in Sin City every weekend as they tour the world in the buildup to the release of their next album, “Sick Boy.” The mainstream has already accepted The Chainsmokers as leading members of the electronic dance music genre with the duo looking to extend their success into the future.

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