The Man Behind Open Society, George Soros

George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist was the original founder of the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations is a network of projects, foundations and partners found in over 10 countries around the globe. His idea behind this society is to promote the acceptability of governments, the upholding of rights as well as upholding the truth. Through George Soros’ experience in business he has been able to follow many philanthropic endeavors which began in 1979 when he helped black south africans attend school under the Apartheid regime.

George Soros never shy’d away from asking questions and questioning conventional beliefs. This was made evident in the 1980’s where he undermined communism through providing the resources to copy banned writing and text. He was also a big supporter of allowing people to attend cultural exchanges in the western world. This gave people insight into the way of thinking and cultures outside their boarders. In order to promote critical thinking he went onto establish the Central European University right after the fall of the Berlin Wall. His philanthropic reach has since expanded into the rest of the world including Africa, Asia and America.
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One critical thing the Open Society does for people who have been held unlawfully in their country is provide them with legal aid in the form of paralegals and lawyers. This is to provide them with legal assistance which they could otherwise not afford. Some of these individuals have never had any fitting representation in court and have been held against their will for several years. George Soros was also the igniter of one of the largest efforts to bring the Roma People to the rest of the world.

It is well known that the industries of resource extraction on have often been involved in paying off criminals and politicians who have been responsible for some of the world unrest. George Soros is responsible for trying to bring transparency to this industry as well as accountability. The organizations which have worked independently to combat this have been directly supported by George Soros. These organizations include the Institute of New Economic Thinking, the European Council on Foreign Relations, Global Witness and the International Crisis Group.

George Soros once wrote that his success in his industry have given him a certain degree of independence which other cannot enjoy. For this very reason he must take a stand against controversial issues when other cannot do so. Open Society is one of the ways he can address these controversial issues. With the backing and resources available they have been responsible for some major changes globally. George Soros is a supporter of democratic ideals as well as democracy and human rights and has allowed Open Society to be a platform for this message around the globe. Having written many books on these controversial issues.

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