The Philanthropies of Betsy DeVos



Born 59 years ago, Betsy Devos (maiden name Prince) is America’s 11th education secretary. She is the daughter of Elsa and Edgar Prince,billionaire owner of the prince corporation which deals in supply of car and automobile spare parts. Her brother, a former Navy SEAL, founded Blackwater, an American private military contracts firm. Betsy Devos has a Bachelor of arts degree from Calvin College. She has been deeply involved in education policy activism and supports for a change in students choices on education across twenty five states. Mrs. Devos was the chair at TheWindquest Group, a firm that deals in management of enterprises and other investments. She is married to Dick Devos; heir of the Amway business empire, the couple has four kids and six grandchildren.


Involvement in Philanthropy Work


Betsy Devos has involved herself in a lot of philanthropy work, most it with an inclination towards education and arts. Some of her philanthropy work has been through charitable organizations such as;

The Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation


Founded in 1989, the dick and Betsy family foundation has so far made over $11.6 million in charitable donations to institutions across different societal sectors. These includeorganizations dealing in arts, research institutions dealing in health research,hospitals, Christian evangelic missions and Christian schools, conservative party and institutions that advocate for free market policies. Cumulatively she and her husband have made a total of $139 million. The Dick and Betsy Devos Family foundation has also founded other institutions such as the pregnancy rescue center, action institute, Michigan’s Education fund. Others include foundation for traditional values. Apart from founding their own institutions, the dick and Betsy family foundation has given $8.6million to Christian schools, charter schools have received $5.2 million, and public schoolsanother $59,750.


Kennedy Center For Performing Arts


Betsy Devos has given the Kennedy Center for Performing arts $22.5 million to fund a center that will help train cultural institutions board of director and managers on fundraising money for their respective institutions and also management of the same.


Art Prize


Art prize was founded by her son Rick Devos in 2009. The idea behind Art Prize is for any artist from anywhere around the world to be able to compete any other artist.Artists connect through the organizations website. It is a festival and competition of art that attracts artists internationally. It is unique in design in that anyone can turn any venue within Art prize locations into a venue to showcase their art pieces. These locations vary, from bars to restaurants,public parks and walls, lobbies,bridges and even theatres. The public then votes on an open public voting site and decide the winners of to receive the $50,000 cash prizes.




Through her charitable work and now as the secretary for education, Betsy Devos remains committed to her desire to see children receive the best education regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.


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