The Role of James Larkin in Trade Unions

James Larkin is a prominent person in the world. Many individuals in the society know him as the fighter of the Irish communities in the world. The successful businessman was born several decades ago in England. Learn more about James Larkin:

However, his parents did not have a lot of wealth, and they could not afford to give him the luxuries of life. When he was enrolled into school, the young Jim Larkin was forced to drop out even before he could finish high school because he did not have enough school fees.

Just like all the other students from needy families, the young boy was forced to look for work so that he could support his family. Getting employment without education was not a walk in the park because Jim Larkin lacked enough education.

This is why he chose to become a laborer in one of the companies in the town. His nuclear family was living in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the area, and it was difficult for him to access some of the basic needs of life.

While serving as a foreman in one of the companies, Jim Larkin realized that the other workers in the construction were not being treated well. This made him form the first trade union so that these workers could get the right treatment.

While working as the leader of the union, the businessman was very committed so that the people he was leading could get justice. In the year 1905, he decided to abandon all his duties so that he could now become a full-time trade unionist.

This was a great decision from the businessman because he got all the satisfaction he had been looking for. When Larkin relocated to the United States, his trade union collapsed because it lacked the right leadership from an experienced professional.

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