The Ventures of Mike Baur

Not many Americans know about foreign businessmen and the impact they have on the world. A name that everyone should know is Mike Baur. Baur isn’t a billionaire-philanthropist or famous celebrity; he’s one man who figured out a way to help young tech-entrepreneurs find their way to success.

Baur’s career didn’t start in entrepreneurship. It started in banking and finance. Like many life-long careers, Baur’s foray into banking started at a young age. Even before earning his business degrees, he got a job at a local bank. In 1991, he moved on to a job at Union Bank of Switzerland.

His work for UBS earned him many promotions. His hiring manager, in particular, wanted him to continue working for UBS until he reached the top, which many believed that he could. He’s one of the most talented bankers that ever worked for UBS. He also advised many of UBS’s top clients, including some of the wealthiest people in the nation.

But, in 2008, he decided to move on from UBS and took a job at Clariden Leu. Instantly, he took higher-ranking positions. He benefited from numerous promotions and hefty compensation. From Clariden’s point-of-view, the objective was to keep Baur with the company. Unfortunately for them, Baur left in 2014.

Due to Switzerland’s banking recession that year, Baur lost interest in banking. The enchantment wore off, but he found a better replacement. After collaborating with a fellow alumnus, Max Meister, he decided to found Swiss Startup Factory, which focuses on providing counseling and financial aid to tech-related start-ups.

While the idea belongs to Meister and Baur, Baur became the face of the company; showing the most interest in helping as many entrepreneurs as he can. Selected entrepreneurs get access to free offices, mentoring, and training in one of the nation’s largest city.

Over the years, Mike Baur’s continued his role as the face of the company. He handles most of the interviews and does most of the company’s public speeches. In many of his interviews, he talks about how proud he is that Swiss Startup Factory is an independent incubator.

The self-sufficiency of SSUF relies solely on the success of everyone involved in the company. It’s important that everyone give 100 percent during every event. It’s why they called SSUF a “factory”.


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