Thor Halvorssen Appears On Fox Business To Discuss Socialism And Sanders

The rise of Bernie Sanders and his version of socialism has confused many, but also found plenty of supporters among the grass roots support growing across the U.S. Fox Business has been left in a difficult position over the rise of Sanders as they have taken a position against the political ideology, which they have recently looked at with the assistance of Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen; the Venezuelan born film producer has lived with socialist rule for a number of years as his home nation has seen the socialist left grow in power over a number of decades.

Thor Halvorssen reveals the people of Venezuela were content with living under the successful rule of left leaning governments who merged mainstream policies with socialist politics to great success. Halvorssen believes the rise of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was a defining moment for his country as the people of the nation saw socialism used as a mask for darker ideas. The descent Halvorssen has been fighting in Venezuela has seen a growing humanitarian crisis begin that has been caused by the restrictive setting of crisis by government officials for their own ends.

Revealing his support of Bernie Sanders for the U.S. Presidency Thor Halvorssen explained he feels the Vermont Senator is the most impressive candidate among the front runners. Discussing his backing of Sanders, Thor Halvorssen explained his human rights background had affected the thought process behind his decision to financially back the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen continued by explaining Hilary Clinton and the foundation established by herself and former President Bill Clinton had links to Saudi Arabia and its oppressive regime; on the Republican side of the election Halvorssen believes the rhetoric used by candidates like Donald Trump made it impossible for him to support these candidates. “The Intelligence Report” with Trish Regan interview concluded with Thor Halvorssen praised by the host for his impressive and easy to understand explanation of socialism and its uses. Find Thor on Facebook to see what he’s up to.

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