Thor Halvorssen Weighs in on Global Politics

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen believes having a solid knowledge of the global political situation is important for him in his role as the founder and face of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor believes his role is to understand the problems facing people around the world and to make sure he is aware of the choices being made by dictators and tyrants around the world who try to hide their abuses by closing their borders.11)

In his work with the media Thor has looked to make sure people from all sides of the political spectrum have the chance to learn as much as possible about the problems facing people stranded in closed societies, or those areas of the world that are not often reported upon. A good example of this was the decision by the Venezuelan born activist to appear for an interview with the Fox Business Channel where he discussed socialism and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election; Halvorssen set out his own case against the use of Socialism as it has been used by many governments, but also revealed he had been a supporter of the progressive Socialist Bernie Sanders during the 2016 election cycle.

The work of Thor Halvorssen is also developed to provide a view of how democratic governments, such as those of the U.S. and U.K. can be affected by human rights issues in other parts of the world. Halvorssen believes U.S. election nominees have been tainted by their links to governments around the world that have stripped their citizens of human rights and refuse to change the way they treat everyday people from all over the world visiting their nations. One of the areas of the world that causes the most concern for Thor Halvorssen is Russia, which he believes has a proven record of human rights abuses ignored by the majority around the world; Thor has set out to develop new ways of bringing news of issues in Russia to the world and has become one of the most outspoken opponents of President Vladimir Putin on the planet.


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