Title Clearing Goes Digital

Nationwide Title Clearing, one of the financial and mortgage industry largest document processing and research provider has finally decided to digitize ordering reports and make them accessible via their website. This is after issues of title defects were raised prompting the company to refurbish its website and make this information available. Typically, title defects occur when someone puts a claim on a property that is already under the ownership of another individual or entity. The issue of title defects has stirred a lot of anger in the property market over the last couple of years. Aside from putting a lot of bumps on what should have a smooth transfer of property thus complicating the process, a significant part of the population felt that title defects are the leading cause of unwarranted foreclosures. Other factors that would compromise the validity of the title include:


  • Not following appropriate filing procedures in the process of documenting real estate papers.
  • Failure to remove previous impediments and liens.
  • Lack of a significant party’s signature, for instance, a spouse.
  • If the document is not worded as per the guidelines of that area.


The above problems should be addressed before the transfer of real estate to ease the process. This is according to John Hillman, the company’s CEO. NTC’s objective is to provide an easy, swift and smooth process of acquiring real estate reports. The company’s data is obtained from various sources, automated and verified by the human eye, making NTC the preferred company of choice by some of the biggest financiers in the country. The company says that the process will only produce the desired results. NTC’s new system fully understands the needs of the client by incorporating precise data sets into the customized real estate report. This is the reason why the system has been so successful.


About Nationwide Title Clearing


Based in Palm Harbour, Florida, Nationwide Title Clearing was established in 1991 and is one of the largest providers of post-closing services to United States’ biggest servicers, investors, and lending institutions. The company provides documents and services that include reports, abstractor services, document retrieval, document processing, research services, assignments and lien release. The company prides itself on the delivery of highly accurate data while safeguarding the country’s land records, helping the mortgage lending industry and shielding homeowners. In 2013, and for the second successive time, Nationwide Title Clearing took home the Hire Power award for outstanding services for the United States citizens.

Learn more: http://www.myyp.com/Palm-Harbor,FL/Nationwide-Title-Clearing-Inc/profile

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