Upwork Helps You Get to Work

The Upwork online business portal brings employers and individuals seeking business services to a common place with thousands of consultants and businesses seeking to sell their services. The Upwork platform is essentially a contracting marketplace. Companies place their work on Upwork and receive bids from vetted providers. The parties can work on flat fee, hourly, or milestone basis.


– The Upwork Process

Businesses and individuals can register with Upwork as either a paid or free member. Upwork takes a fee for each payment processed through their system. The registration requires some vetting by Upwork and a business profile that is an inventory of the provider’s skills and qualifications. The profile helps employers find qualified contractors, and it allows contractors to find work by essentially advertising their talents, experience, and availability.

– Connecting to the Work

Upwork uses a system called connects to authorize bidding by contractors. Each bid requires the use of one or more “connects.” The system allocates connects and paid members get more than free members

– Tips and Warnings

Like any other place, some employers and contractors may try to game the system and take advantage of a party to an agreement. Contractors can still use Glassdoor and the Better Business Bureau to check on potential employers before entering into a contract. The benefits of Upwork lie in the effort it normally takes to find a lead or client. Upwork presents an active marketplace with a structure and some guardrails to guide business conduct.

– Upwork is Part of the New Economy

Upwork is an excellent platform for new or seasoned contractors, consultants, and businesses. Service providers can set their price and negotiate terms for each contract. Employers and companies can locate talent and engage them on a temporary basis to meet their needs. Participating on Upwork is a flexible way to start or grow a business by taking advantage of a ready marketplace.

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