Vinod Gupta Is A Businessman Who Focuses More on Long-Term Goals Than Short-Term Victories

Vinod Gupta is a self-made man who took his success into his own hands at a young age when he left India to come to the United States in pursuit of a better education and a good life. He took $100 from a bank loan and turned it into a company that he eventually sold for $680 million.


In an interview with Ideamensch, Vinod was once asked what one habit of is his that he could pick out that has made him a better entrepreneur, and he answered that it was his ability to see a gap that needed filling in the database industry. He revealed that it is also the way that he thinks about how the spread of products his company offers can be used to improve productivity as well as the life of other products they offer.


InfoUSA was Vinod Gupta’s first company, and it was in the business-to-business marketing information niche. The company put together lists for other companies, and during its time, it acquired other companies to further its growth. Eventually, the company became huge in its field, and he was able to profit on its success all of the way from start to finish. Vinod now focuses on his current business, which is Everest Group, where he provides venture capital for startups in the database tech industry. His company also purchases other tech companies that are struggling to get in order to expand its own offerings. Refer to This Page for additional information.


Vinod Gupta spends a lot of his time, nowadays, planning for the long run and adding to his company’s offerings in order to help it last. He finds focusing on the short-term to be a waste of time and would rather work on seeing his long-term goals through to their fruition. He has built a strong team that he counts on and trusts, and this has helped him to be able to relax more often and spend quality time with his family.




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