Waiakea Water Takes its Environmental Impact to the Next Level

The main problem with bottled water is not acidity. Recent sales trends may have told you it was, but the truth lies in the bottle itself. Plastic bottle that is. The increase of bottle water consumption has led to a increase in human litter. The biggest drawback of this phenomenon being that many empty plastic bottles end up in the ocean. It has become a problem. Well millions worldwide properly dispose of their bottles, piling them in the old recycle bin, a good contingent in bay cities toss them in the drink. Many have puzzled over how to correct this. Now bottle water manufacturer Waiakea water may have an answer.

Waiakea water was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons who frequented the big island of Hawaii with his family. Emmons lucked upon a sustainable aquifer of naturally beneficial water. This water was filtered through the porous rock of the volcano there, Mauna Loa, and comes out 100% alkaline. Recent trends have placed alkaline water as the leader of the pack in regards to health. Waiakea sports volcanic water benefits and a true ph value that sets it apart. Now it will set itself apart even further by attempting to curb the bottled water problem.

Over million ton of plastic are dumped into the oceans per year. The biggest problem being that it takes forever for this plastic to erode away. Over 1,000 years. This is older than the United States. It takes 1,000 years for plastic to break down completely. Waiakea’s new water bottles will do it in 15. Sporting the first completely biodegradable bottle, Waiakea will not be selling plastic that biodegrades in a person’s lifetime. This means that if all water bottle become made of this plastic, the discarded ones will clean themselves up eventually. In fact a couple of them will. This is great as it reduces the plastic problem by leaps and bounds. As the bottle water market is built on sustainability, environmental impact, and health these bottles will boost Waiakea’s sales. This will cause other companies to follow suit and soon all bottle water will have fully biodegradable capabilities.


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