Whitney Wolfe is raising awareness about gender inequality

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of the popular dating app Bumble which uses customer’s locations to find matches. Launching Bumble in 2014, she revolutionized online dating by specifically designing an app where women make the first move. The company has grown into a multimillion dollar corporation. Recently Forbes valued Whitney’s Bumble at 1 billion. The enormous amount of success this dating app has received netted Mrs. Wolfe a nice 230 million dollar fortune. Although Bumble has done very well, Tinder, a similar dating app which she helped create, has proven a staunch competitor. Despite the competition, Whitney is pouring her efforts into fighting corporate America’s gender imbalance. Read this article at vogue.com to know more about Wolfe.

In 2012, Whitney help create one of her biggest competitors, Tinder. Founded as one of the world’s first dating apps that incorporated a swiping model while using the customer’s location to find matches, it has grown into a multimillion-dollar enterprise touting users all over the world. Although Tinder remains a noteworthy rival to Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has focused her entrepreneurial genius on building an online social space, especially for women. Essentially, Whitney wants to provide a social platform to raise awareness about important social issues impacting women in the United States and other parts of the world.

Remaining true to her underlying goal of empowering women using technology, Whitney Wolfe instituted a semiannual review at Bumble which includes a mandatory discussion about salary, amongst other things. A recent National Women’s Law Center census concluded that working moms earn about 71 cents for each dollar paid to working dads. An even more alarming statistic is the fact that the entire state of Texas, on average, pays women 70 cents for each dollar paid to their male counterparts. Regardless of gender, people should be paid what they’re worth, meaning, pay should be determined based on the employee’s skill sets and experience, not their gender.

As we continue into 2019, Whitney Wolfe, while still focusing on her dating app endeavors, will be pouring more time and energy into a social platform which specifically deals with gender disparity issues through raising awareness and encouraging active dialogue amongst working women.

Source:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/maddieberg/2018/07/11/whitney-wolfe-heard-bumble-net-worth/#27657af3d147



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